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How does accruing pension work?

Temporary worker

Are you working with us as a temporary worker? There is a pension scheme that provides for the accrual of a pension for temporary workers aged 21 and older. This scheme is implemented by the Pension Fund Foundation for Personnel Services (StiPP). A distinction is made between a Basic Scheme and a Plus Scheme, depending on the number of weeks you have been employed.

Basic scheme

From the age of 21 you participate in the basic scheme. The pension premium of 8% in the Basic Scheme is fully paid by us and as an employee you accrue 7.3% of the pension basis in this scheme. The duration of the basic scheme is 52 weeks worked. You can find the pension accrual at the bottom of your pay slip under the heading other.

Plus scheme

The Plus Scheme applies to temporary workers who have worked for the same temporary employment agency for more than 52 weeks, or who have been a participant in the Basic Scheme for at least 52 weeks, without an interruption of 52 weeks or longer. For the pension premium in the Plus Plan, we as an employer pay 2/3 (8%) of the total premium percentage (12%). 1/3 (4%) of this will be deducted from your salary. Pension accrual is not the same as the pension premium that we or you pay. The amount of pension accrual in the Plus Plan depends on your age. You can find these percentages via:

For more information, we refer you to the ABU collective labor agreement, Chapter 7, Article 32 and Appendix II and to the StiPP website.

If you have previously worked in the temporary employment sector and are 21 years and older, you may already be accruing a pension under StiPP's Basic or Plus Scheme. The accrual in the basic scheme remains valid for 52 weeks. If you start working again in the temporary employment sector within these 52 weeks, you will continue to accrue in the basic scheme. If not, you start again at the beginning of the basic scheme. The right to the Plus Scheme remains valid for 26 weeks. If the interruption is longer than 26 weeks, you will participate again in the Basic Scheme.

Before we can take over your pension scheme, it is important that you request your pension accrual from StiPP and submit it to us via [email protected] around your first working day.

Payroll worker

Are you working with us as a payroll employee? Then you are covered by the pension under the client's collective labor agreement or by an adequate pension scheme. Consult your client's collective labor agreement or view your employment contract.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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