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What does your placement confirmation say?

Placement confirmation

Your placement confirmation contains the employment conditions that we adopt from your place of work. These employment conditions consist of 10 elements, also known as the hirer's remuneration.
As a temporary worker you are covered by the ABU Collective Labor Agreement, which is a collective labor agreement for temporary workers. You can always find the most recent version of the ABU Collective Labor Agreement in your online account, but also via The hirer's remuneration (art. 16) is a term that appears in the ABU Collective Labor Agreement and is aimed at ensuring that you as a temporary worker are rewarded the same as the employees who are themselves employed by a client.

The hirer's remuneration consists of the following ten elements:
Hourly wage
Possible reduction of working hours (adv)
Initial pay increase
Cost reimbursements
Periodic increases
Reimbursement of travel hours and/or travel time
One-time benefits
Work from home allowances
End-of-year bonus

We adopt these ten elements from your client's collective labor agreement or own remuneration scheme and are described in the placement confirmation that you receive per client.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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