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What should I do when I am sick? And when I am better?

Are you ill?

Then call 365Werk and your manager before 10:00 am. A sick report can only be processed by telephone.
You can reach 365Werk on 050-3050086

What do you indicate when you report sick?

• Expectation of how long you will be ill;
• The number where you can be reached;
• Are you covered by a safety net? Please indicate this.


If you are ill, it is mandatory to be available and reachable! Keep 365Werk and your manager informed about your recovery.

Focus on recovery

Don't do things that hinder recovery and make sure you commit to recovery as quickly as possible.

Have you recovered?

Once you have recovered, please inform 365werk and your manager as soon as possible.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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