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How can I download the 365Werk web app?

Downloading the 365Werk web app

You can easily download the web app by clicking install. This download may be different than you are used to, but we will explain exactly how to do it.

A web app has several advantages:
Available for desktop, laptop and mobile/tablet (Android and iOS)
No installation required from Google Play or the App Store

You can download the web app from your browser.
Depending on your computer or telephone, we recommend the following methods to install the web app.

Computer/Laptop - Windows

Windows in combination with Google Chrome (39+) or Microsoft Edge (79+)

Computer - iOS

macOS with Chrome (39+).

Mobile - IOS

iOS and iPadOS with Safari (11.3+). Follow these steps.
Or watch this video

Mobile - Android

Android in combination with Chrome (85+).

What is a web app?

Web apps are apps that use your web browser. Using a special shortcut on the desktop of a computer or the home screen of a mobile device, you can open a web app directly. This does not happen in your browser, but in a separate screen. The address and menu bars that you normally see in your browser are not present here. A web app therefore has the appearance of a 'normal' app.

However, a web app is more than just a cosmetic layer, it uses advanced features such as offline use and the ability to send messages to the user. This means that the web app not only looks like a regular app, but also functions like one.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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