What is Payday?

What is Payday?

Payday is an application from ABN AMRO that ensures that you have early access to your wages. With Payday you, as an employee, can determine when something will be paid and you are in control!

How does Payday work?

After you have registered for Payday, we will send you a user agreement. As soon as this has been signed, we activate Payday in your account and you can download the Payday App with a unique code.

After working a shift, you enter your hours directly via the 365Werk FlexApp, which you must install on your phone. Once you have checked and sent your hours, the advance will be made available in the Payday App from the day you are activated. You then have the option to have yourself paid out early with the Payday app. You will have the money in your account within one minute. You can use Payday any time of the day, ideal, right?

Why do I need to download the Payday app?

The Payday app was developed in collaboration with ABN AMRO. To use Payday, we link your 365Werk account to the Payday app.

Can I also use Payday without an ABN AMRO account?

Yes! You do not have to be a customer of ABN AMRO to use the Payday app. Payday pays out to all European bank accounts.

Can I use Payday for any service or vacancy?

In principle, our Payday service can be used for every vacancy. Of course, there may be exceptions, for example in the case of vacancies where you enter into a contract directly with the client. Do you have questions about this? Contact us and we will immediately check whether you can use Payday!

Are there any costs for using Payday?

No, there are no costs involved for either you or your client! It is an extra service that we offer to you as an employment agency! You can choose to use this yourself.

What percentage of my salary can I pay immediately?

In the Payday app, 70% of your gross salary is made available and you can pay this immediately. Why not 100%, we hear you think? We withhold a percentage for payroll tax. This prevents you from having to pay back money afterwards. If we have withheld too much, you will receive this with the normal payout.
*If you have outstanding payroll tax credit, the advance payment will be 50%.

Allowances and reimbursements such as irregular hours allowance, travel allowance and the payment of holiday days and holiday pay are made via the regular payment. This is therefore not covered by the advance payment and cannot be withdrawn via Payday.

My unique verification code doesn't seem to work (or I haven't received it)

When we register you for Payday, you should automatically receive a code by text message. Did this not happen unexpectedly? Please contact us. We will then ensure that you receive a one-time code as soon as possible.

How can I see which services have been paid and which are still outstanding?

You can view your pay period in the dashboard of the Payday App under “open” or “completed”. The pay periods show your shifts worked and the structure of your period. This structure contains:
- Paid out early: The amount that you have paid out yourself via Payday.
- Automatically paid: The outstanding amount that has been automatically paid to your account after the end of the pay period and calculation of your net salary.
- Total Earned: The sum of earnings in the pay period.
- Balance: The amount still available in Payday for early withdrawal.

What does 'pending' mean and why is the payment 'on hold'?

In this case a limit has been exceeded and the payment must be approved by us. This may, for example, be related to the number of hours completed. To prevent this, we would like to ask you to enter your hours in the FlexApp as soon as possible after your shift.

What happens to my wages if I don't use Payday for a while?

If you have not paid yourself via Payday, you will simply receive your wages via the (four) weekly or monthly payment (this depends on your client).

Is my data safe?

Payday is safe and reliable because the application meets all strict security requirements of ABN AMRO. If you want to know more about how ABN AMRO handles your personal data, read the privacy statement.

Can a payment via Payday be delayed?

99.9% of payments are in your account within 1 minute. It may happen that there is a bump in the road. But don't worry, your money is always safe. Every five minutes, ABN AMRO will automatically retry your transaction. Should the delay last longer than one day? Then we at 365Werk are ready to solve the problem for you.

Can I stop using Payday at any time?

If you start using Payday and want to adjust your payment frequency again, this is of course no problem! Contact our employees and we will adjust it for you.

From which account number is the money transferred?

Your salary and advance will be transferred from Payday regarding 365Werk. You will also see the IBAN number of ABN AMRO on your pay slip, which you will also find in your user agreement. So you will not see your own IBAN number here, but rest assured that your wages will of course be transferred to this!

Who can I contact if I have questions about Payday?

You can reach us Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM via the chat on the site or on telephone number 050-3050086. Would you rather email? Of course that is also possible! Use the email address: [email protected].

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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